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7 Questions to Ask at My First Appointment


If you’ve scheduled your first appointment at a fertility clinic, you may be overwhelmed and intimidated. By preparing a list of questions to ask a fertility specialist, you’ll ensure you receive all the information you need to make informed decisions and make the most out of your visit. Here are six questions we recommend you ask:

  1.      What specific tests do you suggest for myself and my partner?

Prior to recommending a treatment plan, a fertility specialist must understand the root cause of your fertility issues. Be sure to leave your appointment with a clear list of diagnostic tests and procedures the specialist suggests for you and your partner.

  1.      What types of treatments does your clinic offer?

While some fertility clinics offer a few treatments, others have more advanced technology and personnel and are able to offer a wide range of treatments to help patients conceive. Find out which treatments are available at the clinic you visit.

  1.      How do you decide which treatment is right for me?

Figure out how the fertility specialist will come to a decision regarding your treatment plan. Does your age and/or the cause of your infertility play a vital role? What about your lifestyle or personal preferences?

  1.      How much do your treatments cost?

The cost of fertility treatments varies significantly between providers, clinics, and states. You should get a clear understanding of how much each treatment will actually cost so you can determine how a treatment plan may affect your budget.

Remember to ask about prescription medication pricing as they can add an additional two to five thousand dollars more to your bill. In addition, determine how your insurance applies to diagnostic tests and treatments.

  1.      Are there certain lifestyle changes you recommend?

Some fertility clinics are strong advocates of lifestyle modifications to help patients conceive. Find out if quitting smoking, eating a well-balanced diet, taking a vitamin, or regularly exercising may improve your situation.

  1.      What are our next steps?

If you feel comfortable during your appointment and feel confident in seeking fertility treatment from the clinic you are at, ask the fertility specialist about next steps. Do you need to get a prescription filled or schedule a diagnostic test? Find out.


  1. Do you take my insurance? Most insurance plans will cover the new patient visit for the female, and may also cover diagnostic ultrasound procedures and intrauterine implantation procedures.  Be sure to ask the clinic you visit to help you in determining exactly what visits and procedures your insurance plan covers.

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