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Female Fertility Tests: What to Expect

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Female Fertility Tests: What to Expect

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the inability to have a child affects 1 in every 7 women in the United States. That is not to say that infertility is solely a female problem. Both partners need to be evaluated once infertility has been diagnosed.  Female fertility tests can be very basic or… Continue Reading

Taking Care of Yourself While Dealing with Infertility

Dealing with infertility is an emotionally and physically challenging process. As you focus on getting pregnant and building your family, you also need to focus on taking care of yourself. That includes taking care of both your body and mind. So in addition to following your fertility specialist’s guidelines for diet, exercise, and medication, make… Continue Reading

Can Lack of Sleep Affect Your Fertility?

Chances are you’ve experienced the downsides of lack of sleep a few times in your life. Sleep is crucial to keep our bodies running optimally and contributes to our wellness in a big way. The exact mechanism of sleep’s restorative nature and why we need to do it for an extended period of time each… Continue Reading

Endometriosis and Infertility: What You Need to Know

Endometriosis and Infertility: What You Need to Know

  More people seem to be openly discussing endometriosis in an attempt to raise awareness. Hopefully, these efforts can give support to women who have been diagnosed and educate those who might be suffering from it but have not yet been diagnosed. Endometriosis is a condition affecting female reproductive organs, making life painful for the… Continue Reading

7 Surprising Facts About Fertility You Didn’t Know

If you are ready to start or expand your family, fertility may be on your mind. And with good reason, as we often hear about conception statistics, fertility treatments and infertility issues from friends, family, and even the news. The CDC says that 12% of women aged 15 to 44 years old in the United… Continue Reading

What Every 20-Something Should Know About Fertility

  It’s no secret that fertility changes as you age.  If you are planning on conceiving, you might already be pretty well versed in fertility facts and statistics. However, if you’re in your 20s and just beginning to consider your reproductive future, educating yourself on fertility is a great idea. If you have specific concerns,… Continue Reading

Resources for Those Trying to Conceive

Trying to conceive isn’t always as easy as one might think. In fact, for many, it can be a long and challenging process. To help, we’ve put together a list of helpful resources to help you on your journey to starting a family. What to Expect: Consulting a fertility specialist for the first time can… Continue Reading

4 Lifestyle Habits That May be Affecting Your Fertility

While you and your partner are early on in the process of trying to have a child, it is natural to incur some difficulties based on lifestyle habits. Consciously deciding to have a child is a decision that will ultimately affect your life in a drastic way. However, this decision may affect your life before… Continue Reading

Infertility: How to Survive the Holiday Season

The holidays can be stressful enough, but for those coping with infertility, it may be difficult to enjoy a traditionally joyous season. From seeing the baby’s first Christmas ornaments while out shopping to the abundance of holiday-themed pregnancy and gender reveal announcements on social media, there seem to be reminders at every turn. And don’t… Continue Reading

9 Warning Signs of Infertility You Shouldn’t Ignore

Fertility is often something people do not consider until they are actively trying to start a family, or in many cases after they have started having trouble conceiving. What many don’t realize is that couples ages 29-33 with normal functioning reproductive systems only have a 20-25% chance of conceiving in any given month. Add in… Continue Reading