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Our Counseling Services

Leigh Ann Plemmons, MA, LPC

At CFI, we recognize that treating the mind can be just as important as treating the body during the fertility process.  Few situations are as emotionally challenging, and patients often experience varying levels of stress, anxiety and shame during this time in their lives.

In order to provide a comprehensive approach, and guide our patients and their families though emotional challenges, we have an on-staff counselor available at CFI.  Leigh Ann Plemmons is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with almost 15 years of experience counseling people in a variety of settings.  Leigh Ann provides counseling services to CFI patients during the fertility process. She has a B.A. from UNC-Chapel Hill, and an M.A. in Counseling from UNC-Charlotte.

Having been through parts of the fertility process herself, she has a unique perspective to offer to patients who are experiencing the stresses and difficulties of trying to add to their family.

If you are experiencing difficulty going through the fertility process, seeing a counselor one-on-one can help you identify the issues that need to be addressed and provide you with methods of support.

Our goal is to keep you as peaceful and positive as possible during your treatment, and to identify helpful coping strategies.  We firmly believe that a peaceful, positive attitude helps achieve a successful outcome.

As with all of our patients and families, the staff at CFI joins you on this journey to provide the highest level of support.

To contact Leigh Ann Plemmons, call 336.448.9100.